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OEM Equipment Noise & Vibration

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Noise & Vibration Control Services for

Original Equipment Manufacturers


Phase To, Inc. (PTI) can help you meet your customer’s increasing demands for quieter machinery and equipment.  Manufacturing companies are continuing to shift the responsibility of integrating health and safety controls on to their suppliers.  PTI is ready to assist you in meeting the challenge of supplying equipment to the world’s leading product manufactures.  PTI has 30 years of combined experience in providing cost effective noise control solutions in the design, build and validation of the world’s premier manufacturers of automation equipment.   With PTI as your noise & vibration expert you will be able to focus you valuable time and energy on building better and more competitive equipment.

Automated Welding Systems, Machining, Metal Forming Casting

  Project Experience...  

GM SL 1.0

 Ford SX1



ISO 9614


  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

  • Improve design process

  • Eliminate costly retrofits

  • Streamline customer buy-offs

  • Expert and cost-effective noise level assessment for customer buy-offs.


"The two most important facets of our business are the management of our customer relationships and our ability to provide workable solutions to their problems"



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