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Industrial Noise Control & Hearing Conservation

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Managing Noise Control and Hearing Conservation  

  • Noise Control and Hearing Conservation Program Services

  • Employee Noise Exposure Surveys

  • Facility Noise Maps

  • Noise Control Engineering Assessment & Design

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Citation Abatement

  • OSHA 1910.95  & MOL O.Reg. 851 Compliance

  • Corporate Standards Development

  • Training Programs

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Every company, no matter where they do business in North America, must conform to standards for health and safety.  This has placed a burden on businesses, both small and large, to maintain access to many types of specialized management and technical expertise.  If poorly managed, the aggregate costs can have a significant impact on the profitability of company through higher health premiums, decreased productivity, increased staffing, and possibly fines, citations and unnecessary litigation.  PTI understands the ’big-picture’ implications of doing the small things correctly. Our approach recognizes that every company has unique needs and business practices; our ability to understand our customers, and merge our technical and management expertise with their culture, results in a well managed, cost-effective Noise Control and Hearing Conservation Program.  Issues such as Noise Abatement, Exposure Assessment, Audiometric Testing Selection are systemized and addressed in a manner that makes maximum use of a company’s limited resources.  Contact us and let us show you we can assist your company in servicing your Noise Control and Hearing Conservation needs.


"We provide innovative solutions through a multi-disciplinary approach to solving your problems"

Noise Control & Hearing Conservation Programs








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